Puerto Toro: The southernmost community in the world

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Founded in 1892 as an administrative center on behalf of the Chilean Government, Puerto Toro is increasingly foreign and domestic tourists and visitors

A wonderful day greeted us at the southernmost city in the world. There was nothing to remember we were in one of the most extreme areas of Chile and the planet. The sun embraced the calm Beagle Channel, as we boarded the ferry Yaghan, newly opened and manifested against imposing new port terminal, I also recently opened, by the President Sebastián Piñera, and allows realize the integration with the most remote parts of the country, Connectivity and communication.

8.30 o'clock, the Yaghan performs maneuvers to direct journey to Puerto Toro, the true southernmost town in the globe, who recently met 119 years old, and where we expect only a few people.
The trip 2 hours approximately, fascinating for any nature lover, and tranquility that can offer one of the last pristine places housing land.

On the way you can appreciate the most varied fauna and flora native to the region, ideal for those who are prepared with a good camera.

In the middle of the channel, We could see the remains of a boat for the ship Logos, who was on duty as a floating library and missionary, and wrecked late 80.

The trip is short and comfortable thanks to modern facilities Ferry, which allows a trip with tranquility and appreciate the scenery at its best. This time, accompanied us lots of passengers, between residents and foreign tourists, with public officials who regularly take services to the community of Puerto Toro, as the case of garbage truck, that reaches Toro once a month to take waste from the locality; the water company that reaches the place to make their facilities maintenance; contractors performing repairs or construction, or the case of the Governor of the Antarctic Province, Nelson Cárcamo, who traveled to greet the port community on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, and bring some gifts.

In place, Hosting is special. The few people left in the village, go out to meet the boat and its passengers with joy and kindness, greeting everyone, acquaintances and strangers.
In Puerto Toro is possible to find a police station with a group of officials who perform tasks of border, along with supporting the community against any eventuality. The area also lives an official of the Chilean Navy with his family, which acts as a mayor of sea, regulating maritime activities of fishing vessels and tourist.

A school is a few children by a teacher. The rest of the population is hardworking fishermen families that call at the port during peak season crab extraction, or when the weather is not navigation.

The tour of the place, invites you to connect to the depths of nature and environment, generating a new perspective on the importance of the protection and care of the environment and wilderness areas, strengthening sustainable and responsible tourism.

Until a year ago, Puerto Toro was just a place to shelter from bad weather during the trip to Cape Horn and Antarctica. Present day, the southernmost town in the world start getting more and more tourists and visitors, becoming a tourist destination, with the incentive of having a boat that covers all needs.

Gold Rush and sovereignty

A fine 1800, arises between the authorities of the Chilean Government, a change of direction and attitude, aimed at promoting and encouraging the settlement in the area of ​​the Beagle Channel. It then Governor Daniel Briceño, who proposes to found a colony with a small administrative sub delegation on Navarino Island. The interest Briceño, responded to the rise of gold mining in the area.

Only between the months of July to September, came to the island Lenox, 15 boats, carrying 424 passengers, in 1892.

In the same year, assumed as Governor, Manuel Señoret, Captain, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy, who is called to assume this new administrative role in Magallanes. It is in this new role, where Señoret achieved fulfill the wishes of his predecessor, and the Government itself; enhancing national presence and optimize the process of colonization in the region.

On 1 November 1892, Governor Señoret, he embarks on the Magallanes corvette southbound. Further south. In his journey, accompany Captain Ramiro Silva, and a police station, composed of a Sergeant, a corporal, and 8 Cops.

The only redeeming feature to establish its administrative base, is Puerto Toro, well known, by steam "Toro", three years before. Until then, the place was known as Afluruwaia.

The 26 November, Governor realized the supreme government of the Foundation populated southernmost city in the world, confirmed under Supreme Decree No. 4.407, population rapidly becoming service center eastern coast of the island Navarino, and islands Picton, Lenox and New.

Governor Señoret, is awarded the promotion and chilenización and colonization of the southern islands, with unflagging spirit and clear vision of the future of the region, and ensure the presence and national ownership of the country in this remote and extreme area.

However, some people also blame excess Señoret allow the presence of settlers, and allowing abuses and mistreatment of indigenous, by those who proved successful bidders of land for exploitation.

Present day, Puerto Toro welcomes a hundred people, between civilians, fishermen, teachers, and police and sailors who live with their families.

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